Wednesday 18th November 2020

IP-Only Fibernät Automatiskt uppdatering: DENMARK

Ticket Number: 000000000984163
Fault Type: OUTAGE
Location: DENMARK
Occured: 18/11/2020 18:52 UTC
Estimated Time of Repair: 19/11/2020 02:00 UTC
Service(s) Restored: 19/11/2020 00:53 UTC

18/11/2020 19:51 UTC We currently have an outage, troubleshooting is ongoing.
18/11/2020 20:40 UTC Ticket opened with subprovider. They confirm outage and are working to determine cause.
18/11/2020 23:24 UTC Subprovider has informed us they are working the problem, the cause seems to be power issues at a datacenter in Denmark and that there currently is no estimated time of repair. Because the fault was more substantial than initially estimated we are pushing back our estimated time of repair.
19/11/2020 00:53 UTC Outage is resolved and services are restored after the power outage was remedied. If you still experience any issues please contact GlobalConnect Service Desk.