Monday 10th January 2022

IP-Only Fibernät Automatiskt uppdatering: LONDON

Ticket Number: INC2009228
Fault Type: OUTAGE
Location: LONDON
Occured: 10/01/2022 18:00 UTC
Estimated Time of Repair: 10/01/2022 23:00 UTC
Service(s) Restored: 11/01/2022 21:10 UTC

10/01/2022 19:36 UTC We currently have an outage, troubleshooting is ongoing.
10/01/2022 20:51 UTC There is an ongoing power outage in the area affecting GlobalConnect equipment. Power supplier is working on solving the issue.
10/01/2022 22:32 UTC Services are restored. Awaiting confirmation from sub provider that the outage is solved to close this ticket.
10/01/2022 23:28 UTC Outage is resolved and services are restored after the power outage was remedied. If you still experience any issues please contact GlobalConnect Service Desk.