Wednesday 13th October 2021

IP-Only Fibernät Automatiskt uppdatering: VÄSTERÅS

Ticket Number: INC1002673
Fault Type: OUTAGE
Location: VÄSTERÅS
Occured: 13/10/2021 10:46 UTC
Estimated Time of Repair: 14/10/2021 09:00 UTC
Service(s) Restored: 14/10/2021 07:40 UTC

13/10/2021 11:31 UTC We currently have an outage, troubleshooting is ongoing.
13/10/2021 11:35 UTC There is an ongoing power outage in the area affecting GlobalConnect equipment. Power supplier is working on solving the issue.
13/10/2021 13:48 UTC Suspected cable fault. Troubleshooting is ongoing.
13/10/2021 14:59 UTC Cable fault detected. Technicians are working on remedying the issue. The ETR has been updated
13/10/2021 18:54 UTC Technician has localised the fault, close to a road. Technicians are in need of truck mounted attenuators (TMA) for protection before restoration work may resume. This means the work will take longer than initially estimated.
13/10/2021 18:54 UTC The estimated time of repair is pushed back because the fault was more substantial than initial estimates.
13/10/2021 22:48 UTC Sub-providers technician has begun splicing the fiber.
Added more customers and contacts affected by the disturbance.
14/10/2021 06:44 UTC Subcontractor cable splicing was reported as complete, but we still have services down and have therefore requested continued troubleshooting. The estimated time of repair is therefore pushed back.
14/10/2021 07:48 UTC Services are restored. Awaiting confirmation from sub provider that the outage is solved to close this ticket.