Thursday 22nd July 2021

IP-Only Fibernät Automatiskt uppdatering: OSLO

Ticket Number: INC1001885
Fault Type: OUTAGE
Location: OSLO
Occured: 22/07/2021 12:40 UTC
Estimated Time of Repair: 23/07/2021 01:00 UTC
Service(s) Restored: 22/07/2021 23:04 UTC

22/07/2021 12:51 UTC We currently have an outage, troubleshooting is ongoing.
22/07/2021 13:44 UTC A disturbance detected in our sub provider’s network. Troubleshooting is ongoing with sub provider
22/07/2021 14:50 UTC Sub provider have dispatched a field technician to continue
troubleshooting. ETA 18:30
22/07/2021 16:33 UTC Suspected cable fault. Troubleshooting is ongoing.
22/07/2021 18:30 UTC Cable fault detected. Technicians are working on remedying the issue.
22/07/2021 19:54 UTC Repair work is ongoing.
22/07/2021 22:08 UTC Repair work is ongoing.
22/07/2021 23:04 UTC Outage is resolved and services are restored after the cable fault was fixed. If you still experience any issues please contact GlobalConnect Service Desk.